type of the week

Type of The Week

Type of The Week

hello everyone!

Sorry for posting so late today (tonight), I got carried away with projects and uploading designs onto my shop that posting for all of your reading pleasure was postponed. The wait is well worth it though, I hope! So, let me introduce what will soon become my favorite post each week, my very own: type of the week.

I’m so excited about this! Typography is my strong suit, and my absolute favorite thing about graphic design. Visit my behance portfolio if you’re curious just how crazy about type I really am, it’s a serious problem.

Although I strongly urge the usage of the “classic” typefaces in your library I quite enjoy hunting for new fonts to use (I will share my font resources later on), and love finding that new “perfect” one! I recently read a post on A Subtle Revelry25 great fonts for parties” by Victoria, and I must say it was quite useful. This blog is brilliant. Anyway, I’ve tried many of these fonts since stumbling upon this posting and I LOVE them. So, alas, this weeks font of the week is called Learning Curve Pro which can be downloaded here. This beautiful “perfect party” font is a traditional handwritten cursive font with a modern take and so very useful!


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