what makes you so special?

be better

What makes you so special? As I sit here tonight with my dog on my lap I question what differentiates me from other designers. It feels like a constant battle in this field, trying to catch someone’s attention in the sea of designers. We’re not the same, but some of us are pretty damn similar. How do you validate yourself amongst the “design giants”?

There’s a lot of freelancers and bloggers that I look up to, I idolize, sometimes obsess over. They’re so similar to me, but so much more established. They have so many people who idolize everything they design, and that’s fantastic. “I want to be like them, I will be like them, I can’t wait to be like them” I tell myself, but do I really? Do you really want to blend into the sea of designers that you idolize? No.

We need to find ways to be ourselves. Better than ourselves, superhuman version of ourselves. Establish what makes you, well, you. Make everyone want to be like YOU. it’s possible, it will just take some time. Develop your unique edge on design and share it with the world and soon enough you’ll be just as well established as your design idols. Nothing feels better than being better. This is my challenge to you: be better.


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