nirvana of creativity


Sometimes creativity can be a real jerk. Sometimes I’ll have a million and one ideas, but other times I’ve got zip. I’ve learned through the occasions of designers block when creativity is lacking that it can never be too predictable. I’ve heard stories of people having their creative “spots” or “routines” that really spark their imaginations, such as the shower or drinking a cup of tea every morning. But I haven’t found my niche quite yet (unless it really is when I’m finally trying to fall asleep… In which case, yikes). I’m eagerly awaiting when my nirvana of creativity approaches me. But until then, I’ll keep my sketchbook ( + iPad) at my side in case something brilliant occurs to me. When do you all feel most inspired? When do your best ideas come to you? I’m eager to find out so I can try out your ideas for a spin! If you don’t have a routine or spot yet either, I definitely encourage clinging to that sketchbook!


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