travels with Megan


Welcome to a new part of my blog: traveling. This summer I will be interning in London for three months for the London Cycling Campaign and I couldn’t be anymore excited about it! It’s a great organization and a wonderful opportunity to expand my design skills and share them with a new country! Buut for now, I’m spending a week in Florence, Italy.

I’ve been so inspired here I decided I needed to write about it. There’s so many cultural differences it blows my mind! People take their dogs everywhere, literally, and also wear a lot of camo. In Wisconsin that means “hey I like to hunt things”, I guess here it’s really cool. I’ve also noticed a lot of handwritten type for local shops + restaurants as well as the use of the lobster font… So sick of that font! Oh well, it’s used well here so that is a plus. The city and the country side are so beautiful I don’t think I could ever get sick of it.



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