travels: 02


Sometimes you just need to relax and enjoy life. Today was kind of like that. I ate some delicious tortellini with meat and mushrooms in a cream sauce, some bread, chocolate cake, gelato (of course), and some wine. It is glorious being in a country that has a plethora of the food you’re always craving. Maybe I’m actually Italian? I love it here.

I wandered around looking for the perfect purse today, and after hours of searching, I found it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford it. My heart is kind of broken. Someday. I went for a nice long run by myself to clear my head afterwards.

There’s an adorable chic little wine bar right down the block from my apartment that come 8:00pm is swarming with trendy people chilling with glasses upon glasses of wine – so cool. The only unfortunate thing, their branding, or lack thereof. They seem to have nothing other than hand painted letters on a sign. Hand painting for a brand can be great, don’t get me wrong, but this one could use some work. I’m thinking about doing some work just for funsies. What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading, friends, ciao!


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