I’m learning new things about myself here everyday. Thankfully I’m appreciating these things versus the usual hating of ourselves that we generally do. This wasn’t one of my goals for 2013, but it should have been. Everyday I’m becoming more confident in myself as a person as well as my abilities as a graphic designer. The energy of this city of London fuels me, I can feel it building up everyday, and it’s such an exciting experience. I noticed it first on the tube, the transportation that everyone hates. It’s a crowded, warm, loud + rushed experience and it’s all quite exciting and maybe even slightly refreshing for me. I can’t help but feel I belong here. All I need is my man + my dog and this would be my paradise.

There’s something about this internship, too, that I can feel is changing me. It’s very similar to my last job, being an in-house designer working on numerous projects simultaneously for different people. But it’s a different culture, a different environment, real projects that have large impacts + purposes and I can’t help but love it here. I’m not paid, but I’m worried that when the time comes I won’t want to leave. I’ve been included right into these relationships that have been established in this small charity work environment. Sure, I don’t quite belong yet, I’m American and I’m a newbie, but I can feel myself establishing relationships. That’s something I’ve never quite been good at. I’ve noticed that I’m much more eager to design things for people whose company I enjoy.

I try not to share too much personal information on here, but today I just couldn’t help it.



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