travels: 06



Another week has flown by here in London. I’m constantly seeing + experiencing new things. It’s so weird, coming from a tiny unincorporated town in the middle-of-nowhere-Wisconsin where you see the same five things everyday, to a city that you can never completely see.

This weekend I ventured a little more out of the city, too, and visited the Royal Ascot on Sunday. It was a completely new experience for me, as I had never even been to a horse race before, let alone one with royalty in attendance.. I even bought my own fascinator to wear, which was really fun and I’m totally going to wear it in the US. The next venture out of the city was to Brighton, and it was a much needed relaxation day + included tea in the Royal Pavilion tea room. Yum!

Meanwhile on the design side of things, tomorrow starts another week at my internship! I’m currently working on a 20 page annual report publication. We’re going with a very bold, organized, gridded + minimalistic design while incorporating the brand’s use of circles! I’m really excited about it and so far it’s turning out great. I’ll share the finished product a little later!



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