the inevitable doubt


As creatives there will always be that inevitable ounce of doubt amongst ourselves. That underlying question of “am I good enough?” or “is that really the best I can do?”. I find myself thinking “they’re so much better than me” a lot and wondering if I’m ever really going to find my way, or just stay lost in some dreamy land. It’s really quite easy to bring ourselves down, or be brought down by others little comments. But if it’s that easy to be brought down, why not bring ourselves up instead?

Something awesome happened at work this week, that really boosted my design-esteem. After turning in a design I had been working on, that I was nervous about of course, I came back to work to find my boss raving over what I had created. She continued to have a “show and tell” around the office exclaiming “look what Megan did”. I’m going to work for those moments.


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