amsterdam: the city that stole my phone

amsterdam /

After a 12 hour journey from London to Amsterdam via a bus and a ferry (we had no idea what was going on, by the way) we made it to Amsterdam. We opted for walking to our apartment for the weekend, a 45 minute walk (healthy), and were amazed at how willingly the locals offered help + directions. They were so nice! Along the walk I was in awe of all the plants + flowers, all the bridges we crossed over the canals, the adorable housing, the astonishing amount of bikes (the reason I wanted to visit Amsterdam), the abundance of art + design, and of course the dogs. I really miss my dogs back home.

amsterdam /

amsterdam /

I love biking, so I knew I’d love the biking capital, but I never knew the lasting effects the city would leave on me. Everywhere I looked there was great design + tons of sculptures. The poster is very much still alive in Amsterdam, something that’s becoming a dying art form + form of communication elsewhere. If you’re an artist or designer I highly recommend visiting this city.

amsterdam /

amsterdam /

Unfortunately for me, my time + memories of this gorgeous city will forever be tainted, as only after a few hours there my iPhone was stolen out of my purse (that I was also holding shut). I’m obviously upset about it (who wouldn’t be?!). I used it for everything! Luckily I had it locked so my information is safe.

The rest of the weekend we relaxed and took in some fantastic art at the Rijksmuseum – a must see for fans of art history. *art history nerd alert*  They have a great collection of Dutch impressionism + many other periods. (too many masterpieces to list). I spent a lot of time admiring all the layers of paint and the brushstrokes and intricate details in the enormous collection of Rembrandt paintings housed here (the Louvre has nothing on this Rembrandt collection!). We didn’t make it to the Van Gogh museum, but there were 3 paintings of his in the Rijksmuseum from different stages of his life, including his self portrait. One of my favorite things about Van Gogh is the obvious state of his mind + emotions that he reveals in his paintings in his brush strokes and color palette.

amsterdam /

My favorite part about our time in Amsterdam was most definitely the time spent on our roof terrace at the apartment we rented for the weekend. We bought pasta and made mac&cheese (we’re so American) and enjoyed many a glass of wine. We really needed some relaxing time after everything that happened.

I wish I could say “I wish I had more time here” but the city has just been tainted for me. Long story short – go to Amsterdam, but don’t bring your phone along.



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