design-esteem boost

taking a step /

My mind has been constantly blown away lately by the amount of praise + compliments I’ve been recieving for my work (not bragging, promise), and it’s lead me to some major realizations. Boosting a designer’s esteem can lead to more amazing work. Of course we all know the importance of critques and constructive criticism that leads to a project growing to its full potential, but it seems that the idea of compliments gets lost in translation somewhere (maybe we’re all a little too jealous of each other’s work to compliment it?). When you feel good about your work + what you’re doing your work is going to reflect that. I’m so humbled to be experiencing this. Don’t let it go to your head, of course, but just remember you can create great things + then you will. Nobody can make effective + good looking design when they’re feeling down on themselves. So go, create, design + compliment a fellow designer’s work today. Take a few steps forward.


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