london: the best week

london /

It may sound overwhelmingly piled full of cheese when I say this, but London is much more beautiful when you’re with the love of your life. I just had the best week of my life showing my boyfriend around this city. There’s nothing quite like getting lost and experiencing things you wouldn’t normally during your typical everyday work week. We didn’t really do the standard tourist things, we sort of just walked around and saw whatever crossed our paths. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the best way to travel!

london /

london /

We spent a lot of time in Soho, and a lot a lot of time on the Thames (wine may or may not usually been involved). I’ve lived here 8 weeks and had no idea there was a spot on the southbank of the Thames where you could sit on the sand.. It’s probably my favorite place in London, to be honest.

london /

This past week really was the most relaxing, and the most beautiful week (even if the photos don’t look like it – I only had my old old old iPhone on me!). Now, back to reality: work!



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