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I thought it might be fun to give you a guys a little more insight into my brain, maybe you guys will enjoy all my random non-stop crazy thoughts. So here’s a post I’m going to try to bring around once in awhile.

Confession: I’ve been relying on my iPhone for photos way too much lately. My 5 was pretty good with photos and I was able to capture some fantastic things! But, this old i4 I’m using sucks. I’ve just gotten too lazy to carry my DSLR around, to be honest. I’m really feeling the urge to get back in that habit and I would love to learn how to use it to its full potential.

Lately: I’ve been slowly making a list of things I want to learn, when it hit me that I never want to stop learning and growing. My list is so expansive and everyday something new inspires me to want to learn more. This is my goal for all my projects – always learn something new from them.

Craving: many decor and furnishing items for my new apartment in Minneapolis! I’m really excited we finally have a place of our own without other roommates! Expressing our own style through the whole place is going to be so refreshing to see everyday. It’s definitely going to be minimal!

Hoping: to grow this blog into an active and inspiring community for creatives!

Loving: life.

Listening: Passenger, Ed Sheeran, The Civil Wars

Questioning: what to do with my hair! Everyday I’m battling the ‘chop it off’ ‘but I love it long’ argument in my head. And then there’s the question of color?! Oy. This is just too much to handle 😉

Favoriting: topshop. Definitely topshop.

In light of this post, this weeks photo of the week is “currently”. Just share on instagram and/or twitter with #meganlouiseinspires #currently !


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