finding your signature

finding your signature /

Lately I’ve been realizing that I have a really eclectic design style. In a lot of ways, this is a really good quality because it allows me to have a wide range of capabilities, but I haven’t found that thing that makes my design me. This is something I’ve really  been trying to discover about myself for awhile now, and I’m convinced that (usually) sans-serif typography is my thing. That being sad, I’m becoming obsessed with handwritten text, mainly because of this lovely lady, Sam Feld. Sam uses a lot of her own handwritten text she creates in her designs, and it is always so fantastic it makes my heart melt! Check out her work, it’s really inspiring!

The great thing about this new discovery of mine (the obsession with different styles of typography), is that the different styles can be combined to make even more interesting design. I’m having a lot of fun exploring myself as a designer and trying to find my “signature” of sorts.

In case you’re faced with the same challenge as I am  finding your style, here’s some tips.

1. Draw, a lot. Keep a notebook or a sketchbook of drawings and look through it and see what styles commonly come up in your sketches.

2. This is always what gets me – Go shopping. Seriously! Take a look at the store’s branding, the packaging around the stores, tags, signage, etc. This is really when I noticed I wasn’t all about sans-serif type anymore.

3. Pinterest. Make a pinboard for design and keep pinning everything you like, then look back at your board and analyze what most commonly appears on your board. Maybe that’s your style!

4. Behance, Dribbble, Instagram, Designspiration – these are all good for browsing design, take note of what you like (or pin it to your design board)!

5. Look at your bathroom products: your hair supplies, toiletries, etc. What does the packaging look like? What type of style is it, are any of them similar?

6. Look at your wardrobe. Are your clothes mostly of the same colors? Are they bright and saturated colors or more neutral and pale/pastel-like colors? Do these colors carry over in your design? Maybe they should!


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