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brand new / minnesota /

Alright, 3 week hiatus: over. I know I’ve been gone awhile again, and there’s many reasons why. Upon my arrival back in the States I was overjoyed to see my boyfriend, family, and dog again. Fast forward one day and I realized I had five days to pack up everything in my whole house to prepare for moving the next weekend. Since I was doing the packing on my own, while being jet-laged and taking care of my dog at the same time, I didn’t have much free time. Sorry!

wisconsin /

wisconsin /

wisconsin /

The next week was spent at my parents house in the country. Good ol’ Wisconsin never fails to amaze though, I sure did miss those rolling hills of corn fields, no lie. Here I was in charge of 3 crazy dogs every hour of the day – oy. Can you say “migraine”? The week went fast though, and soon enough it was the morning of the 31st and we were on our way to our new place, right here in Minneapolis. The 6 hour drive was worth it, we love it here. Sure, it’s no London, but it’s beautiful nonetheless, and it’ll do for now. 🙂

the journey / small town to minneapolis /

new apartment / minneapolis /

tea / minneapolis /

new adventure / minneapolis /

This past week has been a whirlwind of unpacking, decorating, trips to ikea, and exploring. We finally have internet, and even more importantly, hot water! I promise photos of the new place are on their way, but for now, it’s still a mess and not worth sharing.

It’s weird to think how much my life has been changing just in 3 short months. Graduating college, leaving home and living in a foreign country for 3 months, traveling, and then coming home only to move to a different state. Life sure is strange sometimes, but it’s an adventure, and you’d better enjoy it.

I have a lot of really cool things I’ll be sharing with you guys soon, including the brand study I mentioned earlier, and some final wrap-ups on my time in London, so keep your eyes open!



2 responses to “brand new

  1. hey there! stumbled upon your blog and loving the design 🙂 i just moved to minneapolis a couple months ago, and i’m loving it. hopefully you find ways to make it feel like home quickly 🙂

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