london: the end

london: the last week / goodbye, london /

My final week in London was a combination of emotions that resulted in annoyance + uneasiness within myself. Why was I leaving this city? Why did I want to? Why the heck did I do this to myself? These thoughts, amongst many many more kept scrolling through my mind. It’s amazing how fast three months go, and how slow they can feel at the time. I couldn’t wait to see my other half, my family, and the spotted guy. But I desperately didn’t want to be torn away from London again.

Point is, life plays these cruel tricks on us. It seems as though you can be wildly happy with all that you have, and yet, know that a part of you is missing. That part of me can be found in London, and I can’t wait to get her back. London will always hold my heart.

london: the end / from lcc /

My last days of work were busy + successful ones, and also, not surprisingly, sad. I really didn’t want to leave such a great place to work (with so many kind people!). To end our time on a happy note we did touristy things pretty much for the first time since we’d been there. We ventured around the city by foot on a James Bond walking tour (if you’re in London for a short time + want to see the city – walking tours are a must). This was quite exciting, though we’d walked by + seen all of it already we’d never really noticed much of a significance to the Bond series before (other than it was London, after all..). The day before our departure we spent majorly nerding out at the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour. I cannot praise this enough. It was so much fun + I loved every second of it. Seeing the actual props + sets was just what my inner child needed.

london: the end / james bond tour / MI6 /

london: the end / harry potter studio tour / privet drive /

london: the end / harry potter studio tour / hogwarts /

Stay tuned for my next post about London – recommendations for all you travelers!

Until then, Cheers


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