judging a book by its cover

judging a book by its cover / interest spark / www.mynameismeganlouise.wordpress.com

Something I’m just recently realizing I’m becoming interested in, or I should say is catching my eye, is book design. I must say this is a difficult design feat to conquer, as books are often judged by their covers (despite our best efforts and very clear warnings). It is the first thing we see, and often draws in customers. Imagine walking into a book store (say Barnes&Noble perhaps?) and there’s tons + tons of books that you’re just browsing through. What catches your eye? How do you decide which book to stop and look at?

Here’s some of the most eye catching ones I’ve stumbled across recently. Gorgeous, wouldn’t you agree?

double shot / faceout books / www.mynameismeganlouise.wordpress.com



little bee / chris cleave / www.mynameismeganlouise.wordpress.com




extremely loud & incredibly close / www.mynameismeganlouise.wordpress.com




Fitzgerald Covers / Lydia Nichols / www.mynameismeganlouise.wordpress.com




puffin chalk / tanamachi studio / www.mynameismeganlouise.wordpress.com

*note: some self-lead projects, not available for sale


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