design for design’s sake

design for design's sake /

Today I’m challenging myself to be creative. I’m designing for fun, designing for design’ s sake. Design that’s unlimited by means and client restrictions and let alone to grow in your own mind can be great design when it’s brought to life. In an attempt to keep my creative juices flowing, have some fun, and learn something new, I am creating original hand-lettered pieces and then digitizing them. I will be designing all day and posting my new creations throughout the day, at random, across instagram and twitter. These will be my first attempts at different styles of hand-lettering, so although I’m not expecting them to turn out brilliant, I’m going to try! I urge you all to challenge yourself to keep your creativity alive as well, regardless of how you choose to express it.

This is largely inspired by Wild Measure’s latest adventure with Over, where they created an app in a day. How crazy is that? Be sure to follow along throughout the day to catch the new designs!


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