right now: 02

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Confession: I’ve been taking it easy over here and relaxing a lot lately. I’ve spent most of my time hand-lettering things for fun (design for design’s sake) and playing with my dog. Keep your eyes out on my twitter + instagram accounts as well as my society6 shop for more of my hand-lettered design for design’s sake series. I’m having so much fun with this!

Lately: I’ve been adding onto my wardrobe + growing a collection of black pieces. This is actually huge for me as most of my wardrobe consists of pinks + pale neutrals. I’m excited for a change!

Craving: copper + brass everything. (light fixtures/teapots/pans/bracelets/etc)

Hoping: to get to work on my growing list of DIYs.

Loving: bike rides into the city!

Listening: Miley + JT

Questioning: whether or not I should re-start my photo of the week challenge

Favoriting: Frasier. Eric and I just can’t stop watching it! That’s probably weird, but I’m okay with that.


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